Company Overview

Company Overview

Founded by Matt Intihar in 1985, PRN Computer Systems, Inc. started operations as a provider of computers and network support for businesses offering individualized solutions. The Company "PRN" is Latin, and stands for "as needed", which defines the company philosophy. PRN's growth has been in the area of diversified customer support including Office Automation, Consulting, IT Services, Outsourcing, Systems Integration, Accounting System Support, LAN Software and Database development, and Internet WAN WEB Database Development. We serve the business market including Retail, Wholesale, Point-Of-Sale, Writing Apps for the smart pda's including the iPad, Tablet (iPad clones), Legal as well as hosting an Internet "Computer Talk" show

As computer technology evolved adding more applications to the market, PRN Computers evolved while performing business systems integration, computer system requirements analysis, software selection/installation, system implementation and integration. With the introduction of more advanced hardware technology, PRN acquired expertise with Microsoft Technology Servers and Windows with Personal Computer platforms. From the beginning, PRN Computers has successfully buy heparin adapted to the changing business community environment driven by advances in technology. We are continuing to position ourselves with competent associates experienced in the latest technologies available and offering our instant cyber support, etc. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our customers with individual effective, timely and economical solutions.

PRN's president, Matt Intihar holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Electronics Engineering Technology Degree and nearly completed his MBA Degree. During college while working with Accuray Corp. in Columbus Ohio, his first job involved teaching Engineers new Technologies. His natural love for computers started in the early Intel Microprocessor years thru the DOS years, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Windows XP, VISTA, and now Windows 7 and Windows Server 2010. Having worked as Electronics Technician, Engineer, V.P., CEO, and teaching computer courses at local Community Colleges, he decided to start his own computer company to serve the business community.