'CHANGE'-Lower Your Gasoline Expense

Your Gasoline Expense

Our Country is in crisis mode regarding the ever increasing cost of Gas. We are told lowering our petroleum consumption by 20%, we can rid ourselves of the Oil Cartel. Office Automation (OA) is a practical way to exceed this goal without sacrifice. Our national dependence on foreign oil can be significantly reduced by lowering travel (gas consumption) between work & home. USA employers, utilizing current (OA) technology, permit the work force to perform most office tasks at home rather than driving gas guzzling SUV's! This is certainly not for everyone, but all we need is 20% for starters…

A few features are as follows:

PRN Computer Systems Inc. is a unique "Office Automation" IT support company. We assist business owners in maximizing their company's profits and synergies through the design, development and implementation of specialized databases and "off the shelf" affordable business software. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our customers with individual, effective, timely and economical solutions.

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