Invoice or Sales Estimate Generator for the Home Builder Market

Our Developement

We provide the housing construction and remodeling builders and sub-contractors an automated invoice entry, estimate, and staff scheduling application. This application transforms manual Invoice, Sales Estimate creation, and calculations to easier and faster entry with fewer errors and no calculations. Because of the labor savings, it's clear that all interior or exterior home and remodeling companies should provide this labor savings for their sales force and contractors. The Invoice automation benefits include:

We firmly believe that one common database application can yield a short Return-On-Investment (ROI) when the labor savings of sales estimates and field labor invoices are automated. With this application, we have a win-win-win for the: • Subcontractor performing the on-site field work,

The bottom line:

The construction industry automation goes far beyond those described above. Some labor benefits include:

Future automation tasks below:

Regarding our history, PRN Computer Systems, Inc. for over 25 years has specialized in customized databases for businesses. We have graduate degrees in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering and nearly completed our MBA. PRN provides IT support for computer software, hardware, and network (LAN/WAN) support for its customers.

If you're concerned about our Florida location: the Internet with remote software permits us to be physically distant, utilizing standard remote computer access tools; most of our clients are not in our local area. Onsite support, while not usually necessary, can be provided.

Our Company provides IT support and can perform your sales and invoice automation integration. This is industry standard practice using remote tool set (VOIP and remote access); these tools provide us with remote computer access for your support, training, and software upgrades.

We would like to show how this application works using industry standard remote access to our facility; we are available for questions as the demonstration progresses.

As for the application computer requirements, all our clients already have Microsoft Office Pro installed on their computers. We developed this app using the Microsoft Access 2010 database. If contractors do not have Microsoft Office Pro installed, our Invoice installation CD is configured to create a run time application without the purchase of MS Office Pro software.


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