Make your prospects LED energy saving decision a slam dunk!

Provide Prospect Light Energy Audits using the touch (iTablet) automation!

Our database and your LED inventory provide Prospects energy & ROI savings

Close more prospects with our application by providing energy and ROI savings

Close more prospects with our application by providing energy and ROI savings

Your LED Bulb inventory and our database application enable you to present your prospects with energy and cost savings before and after your fixture/bulb upgrade quote. We provide you summaries of cost, energy, and Return-On-Investment (ROI) which influence your prospect and you in the close.

Our office automation database provides your field physical Audit staff with touch Tablet (iTablet) entry of fixture & Bulb data to quantify existing lighting energy consumption and cost.

Our database of your LED inventory is utilized to quantify energy and cost savings when retrofitting or upgrading to your more efficient LED Solid State Bulb lighting.

In Summary:

Utilizing your automated staff physical audit data entries and our back office database of your LED Solid State Bulb inventory, we can provide your prospects the cost, energy, and ROI savings to assist in the favorable close of your prospects.

This application can be on the Cloud, Windows 8, or a hosted WEB server composed of 5 stages:

  • Physical audit entry fixture/bulbs at the prospect site,
  • Transfer of the audit information to the backoffice,
  • Database representing your LED inventory, and
  • Computational process to generate the prospects Cost, Energy, and ROI savings.
  • Reports including Energy, Cost, and ROI savings.

The Five process stages:

The 'Physical Audit' staff entry component provides the following:

The 'Backoffice' component provides the following:

Prospect Benefits utilizing your more efficient lighting upgrade include:

System Flow Chart:

Prospect Benefits of LED Lighting (ROI) -

The LED bulb (~50,000 hours) longer life expectancy is superior to the life expectancy of the incandescent bulb (~5,000 hours). When lighting devices are located in inaccessible places, additional savings is achieved using LED’s, reducing the periodic bulb higher replacement cost and labor.

There is no comparison between the cost of LED lights vs. traditional incandescent. With incandescent bulbs, the true cost of this bulb is the periodic labor, time, and cost to replace bulbs. This is significant, especially where there are large numbers of installed bulbs and inaccessible locations. For office buildings, towers, and skyscrapers, maintenance costs to replace bulbs can be significant. These replacement issues are virtually eliminated with LED’s.

The key strength of LED lighting is reduced lighting and a/c power consumption and the 10x longer life expectancy reducing maintenance labor. When LED's are designed properly, ~80% efficiencies are achieved vs. incandescent bulbs operating at ~20% efficiency. Realistically the cost savings is higher as most incandescent light bulbs blow out within a year requiring replacement whereas LED light bulbs last 10 times longer before replacement.

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