Banking Institutions

To the Banking Institutions:

Our Repo automated database software can automatically manage the investment of your Clients' (FDIC) excess checking balances into market repo fund securities. Our software automation uses Microsoft Office compatible database management tools. The objective of the Automatic Sweep Account Software is to minimize your staff's time to manage these sweep accounts while maximizing the security and return on your clients' money.

Sweep Account Management - FDIC Compliant

Provides complete Bank Client management reporting (FDIC Mandated) on all client current balances & securities pledged to their account. The system reports any negative pledge account, automatically moves the client to securities that provide a positive pledge balance, pulls from an unassigned security list to manage accounts should the current security market value fall below client balances, and provides the FDIC daily client report for securities covering their account.

Report Support

Provides Reports on ALL Client current balances, securities pledged, Maturity Date, Market Value, Pledge Capacity, Percent Ownership, securities assigned and securities unassigned. In addition, each client security balances may be exported and mail merged to the Client as mandated daily using standard Microsoft Office applications.

Bank Staff Return-On-Investment Say The Following: Time savings with this automation reduces staff time from most of the day to less than an hour daily.

Major Automated Sweep Feature Summary

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