THE "Computer Talk" Show


Our Developement

Our main goal for the show is to generate interest & provide information for the home user and the business office manager. Shows are scheduled at 1 hour per week. Computer Talk Show is market driven in that we rely on market survey feedback & WEB ISP bandwidth information to determine the needs of our listeners. Our basic/simplistic plan is to pre-plan the first few shows and then react to viewer feedback on current show topics as well as future topics. Our past field support, consulting & Teaching experience will be utilized to schedule topics for all shows. We will be inviting specific guests to discuss various technologies and products. Computer Vendors will assist with some technical subjects on the show as well as bring in specific Computer Manufacturer technical guests.

Some of the Vendors will provide product prizes for show listeners. The give-away will be announced at the beginning of the show. Near the end of show, the first listener that e-mail responds to the Host with the correct answer including their name, address and phone number will receive the free prize.

Contact Matt Intihar During the Show

For calling in during Matt's live broadcasts use one of the following options:
Telephone (888)335-5204 during show
E-mail anytime
Yahoo Messenger vamattprn after show
AIM - AOL vamattprn after show
Telephone (800)431-5071 after show anytime


Have questions, E-mail the Webmaster

Phone: (800)-431-5071

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