Mortgage Mods, Renegotiations, or Workout Telemarketing

Our Developement

This application permits Mortgage Brokers or Mortgage Specialists to expand their business by including New Loans, Mods, homeowners who are behind with their mortgage payments or in foreclosure. We utilize telemarketing performance enhancements to convert a higher percentage of New Leads to Customers.

If your company Telemarketing is operated from one location, our automated application will improve your telemarketing performance and lower your expense by expanding your telemarketing staff from one location, to an unlimited number of locations, anywhere on the Internet.

Automatically tracks progression of every New Lead from the initial auto dialer contact from one location, to Prospect, and finally the Customer completion of a contract.

The features are as follows:

The construction industry automation goes far beyond those described above. Some labor benefits include:

  • New Leads - May be periodically imported from several sources into our database with one click.
  • All New Leads are then uploaded automatically to your Auto Dialers (Predictive).
  • Convert New Lead Contacts to Prospects – At predictive dialer intervals, your staff are auto connected to contacts. Telemarketing staff pre-qualify contacts to prospects by obtaining required Mortgage information. As additional Mortgage financial information is obtained and entered into our database, contacts are then converted into Prospects.
  • Prospects Step 1 – Once obtaining Prospect status, our application automatically uploads the Prospects basic information, and financial information to our WEB site.
  • Prospects Step 2 – Are Emailed a URL, Username, and Password to enable the Prospect to complete their Contract.
  • As your Telemarketing staff qualifies your New Lead Contacts, our database application tracks the status progression from Contact, to Prospect, and Customer.
  • Your application may run exclusively as a local area network or can be upgraded to a wide area network with your telemarketing staff anywhere on the World Wide Web.
  • After the Customer signs your contract, the system tracks the Bank paperwork to and from the Bank, where reminders are provided to alert your staff when Bank paperwork is delayed


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